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Just remember to be yourself. Parents like that when kids are coming out to them about being adopted. If you need anymore help, just email me. Good Luck, ShadowRiser. That's cos there are no trees in space and without trees falling when people are around, how do you tell if there is sound? Better question, If I stuff my head in my butthole, will eventually my head come out of my mouth? Logically, assuming you had no bones restricting you, you'd eventually reach the part inside your body where the rest of you has folded over to facilitate inserting your head into your own butthole.

Basically, you eventually hit a fleshwall, so no. The body without bones and somehow being super stretchy is like a tube where food goes in one end, and shit comes out the other. If you bend a tube into a loop so that both ends meet, it will be like a hollow donut, with an open space in a ring all the way around.

Then, if one end gets put inside the other, it will still be the hollow donut shape, but part of the donut wall will be double thickness. Pushing the head end further in will eventually make the whole donut double walled, and when it reaches the anus end, part of the hollow donut will become triple thickness. So, if you keep on shoving your head up your anus, you will end up pushing your head through your anus again.

You have to pull your lips outwards and wrap them around the outside of your body. You then outward ingest yourself becoming smaller and smaller as your acids break down your body. Once your main organs have been digested only your lips and loose skin around your mouth will remain and as you have no consciousness at this stage you won't realise the slow process of your skin breaking down into a humus like substance to fuel the growth of tomorrow.

Hence there will be no more of you left and you will have disappeared. If you eat your arm, it will simply grow back, because after you've eaten it it's back in your system. I thought "Yahoo answers now redirects to askreddit" was being stated a fact and had a mini heart attack. Can I print out this URL and tape the paper to my screen and then click on it the paper? This was a real question and no I don't have the source.

Dude it's Yahoo Answers. We believe that this is a real question. We don't even need a source. I swallowed an ice cube whole and I haven't pooped it out yet. I'm really scared. Is it stuck? You're going to want to swallow some burning embers to melt it down. No problem here, his poop will just come out frozen for some time.

It's a cool move to do in summer. I laughed shamefully hard. I was imagining furious ggogling of "icecube stuck in body" and running into this advice! You'll need to get an appropriate size first. The ones you have right now are too small for your fingers. I'm pretty sure you're not serious, but just in case. They have dental dams for that.

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It is basically just a sheet of latex. Serious answer: It's called a dental dam. I have no idea where you get one but they do exist apparently. Tell your "friend" to research dental dams if they interested in safer casual oral sex! They actually have finger condoms If I were to include one in play it would be because I'm on my period or something. Though generally I wouldn't use it ever. That and this one are two of my favorites from that site.

Wait, you weren't born with one?! Holy shit! Get that shit checked out right now! I have a girlfriend and she's really super hot. I also have a luxurious beard. I firmly believe that men should have long hair and beards, because it is a sign of honor. Chivalry is only practiced by a select few nowadays, and I am one of the upstanding few who still puts a woman before himself. Other men are only concerned with sex, but I put a woman's emotions before my own. I'm not just a nice guy, I'm also a modern-day knight, and I will gladly hold up my sword in defense of a lady's purity. Top Answer: To learn real magic, you either need to attend a school dedicated to the arcane arts or drink a magic potion that will unlock your abilities.

Since most magical campuses are located on the moon, the potion would probably be a better choice for you. Purchase a bottle of something called "Ipecac" from your local drug store, then drink it approximately five minutes before you next confront Katey. If you truly are a real witch, you'll be able to cast an impressive spell at her, and she'll never bother you again.

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I know that Edward was with Bella in the books and movies but I know that we're meant to be together. I have tried sleeping with my window open but he can't find me. I know he is looking for me. Edward, if you read this, please come to my house tonight. My idea was a little bit less cruel The Religion and Spirituality section and the Politics section were the best. You could stir shit up so easily. You had to invoke poe's law every 2nd post. The other half were too blatantly obvious.

My favourite user was Olga, 'she' had an old lady picture which apparently was from a yahoo ad from a year previous.

Welcome to Reddit,

She was a 40 something homosexual male who employed vargas levels of non sequitir for humour. Just less focus on dirty and just more on inane advice coming from a "60 year old deeply christian lady". Politics was ridiculously easy to bait around and control, left or right, state something stupid and its like half the users are having a stroke. The other half probably arent even literate based on their responses. This was also the best place to bring conspiracies forwards.

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Not even joking. I would reply under the name: The 14 signifies the 14th account created because the other ones get banned. There are some legitimate long time posters even if their account is just a few weeks old, its really easy to get reported and banned for being an asshole, but trivial to make another account under the exact same name and display picture. They dont add numbers onto the end, they just keep on chugging on. Then there are some legit long time top contributor posters. There was a little sub community, an in crowd where people just knew each other.

Infamous troll. Stuck to their guns. Managed to actually convince some veterans that the user was a serious fundamentalist christian since they spent several months in character. Its pretty hard to take the place even slightly seriously when someone can spend 6 months spouting bible verses every day and stay in character just for I dont even know what for, my best guess I think is to troll the trolls.

The Challenge? The fun? I dont know. I have to start looking at Yahoo Answers more. It seems like there is a lot of comedy gold to be found! There really isn't. These few are funny but generally the questions are stupid and the answers are either stupid or wrong. Sometimes you get a correct or funny answer but they are few and far between. So Lissen, yeh, I no enuff. Ill tell u wot 2 do - Just get up in her face and stuff, And ask her str8 up tru:. What a pleasure to read of the dignified deed, And the chivalrous vision in sight - For the amorous state too persistent of late Has been lacking the courteous knight!

Like yourself, I'm a man with an honourable plan, And a sense of the right and the wrong - A benevolent sage for a scandalous age, With a principled fortitude strong! I've traditional names for m'ladies and dames, But to answer your question as well My companion revered, with your wonderful beard -. Alas, it seems it falls to me To speak the hardest truth - When lies sustain the purity, And innocence of youth. I'm sorry, kid; you'll never find, No matter what your age, The man you seek but in your mind, And on the printed page.

Don't fret or fear or shed a tear, For here, upon this Earth - You'll find a finer equal, dear, In time, for what it's worth. How outstanding! How elating That I saw your question waiting - What a truly fascinating Query come to pass! Any student here demanding Careful, clever understanding Profits from my keen, commanding, Expertise en masse! Here's my well-informed perspective, With regard to your objective - I'm your teacher , damned defective.

Just wanted to say, I'm currently getting my Master's in poetry writing, and myself never really write in form or metered poetry - but your poetry skillz never cease to amaze me. I typically hate rhyming poetry because it is more often than not horribly written , but yours is always entertaining, diverse, and metered impeccably. I love rhyming poetry, and it saddens me a lot that it's mostly fallen by the wayside. I think the reason is probably much the same that you hardly ever see really beautiful modern haikus - it's far too easy to do badly, while believing you've done it well because you met the obligations of the form.

Have you ever done swing dancing? When you do it right there's this incredible sense of momentum , that makes every move feel so much more intense. I feel like good rhymed poetry is the same - tight, controlled, circling fluidity. At a guess, it's because beard hair is the same sort of coarse hair with similar spacing to pubic hair. Ok, now im curious, what significance did the battle of Trafalgar have for the naval trade in Spain?

It's never the top answer unless things have changed. The top answer is chosen by the asker so there will always be half a dozen "do your own homework" and one long essay that gets chosen. Ah, but we were making the assumption that Yahoo Answers redirected to AskReddit, weren't we?

Every time I eat dirt I get a rash on my upper thigh. What kind of dirt can I eat to get a rash on my genitals so my boyfriend will stop having sex with me? Asking for a friend. Can dog humps give ppl leg herpies? Why do lesbians use dildos if they don't like penises? If the lesbian likes girls because women know what women like, and they're soft and gentle. Seriously, I've never seen such soft-spoken text before. I just want to give op a pack of smokes and a bottle of whiskey and say "get to work, son.

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We've discussed marriage and starting a family and have fallen insanely in love in what would seem like a short period of time. Our sex life is active and nothing short of perfect. I wouldn't trade our relationship for anything in the entire world. Yet the last few weeks had been a little rough for us; I could tell something unusual was up but I had no idea what it was.

He had been more distant and every time I asked him about it, he would blame it on school. I knew he was stressed out, but to me it seemed more than just a difficult workload. The more it continued, I began to blame myself. I thought he wanted an out in our relationship and that my struggle with depression and anxiety was becoming too much for him. But I was wrong. We were on the phone one night and somehow the topic of a gay friend of mine came up. Something about his tone as we discussed it seemed off to me and so, jokingly, I asked "What?

Are you gay? There was a long pause. Another pause on my end. What do you mean you don't know? Here was a man that showed a lot of interest in the womanly body.

Not in a disgusting, perverted way, but in a way that made him a great lover. He was always more than willing to attend to my sexual needs — and loved it! Now here he was telling me he didn't know if he was gay. But I feel an attraction to men and I'd be interested in having sex with guys. The more we talked about this and the more he opened up to me, everything suddenly became real to me and I slowly began to understand.

My boyfriend identifies as bisexual. He has a sexual attraction to men, but no real romantic interest in them. He had come to this conclusion recently, but had felt this attraction to men for quite some time. He still feels attracted to women and still wants to be with me. There are so many things I have to keep reminding myself. His attraction to men does not mean he's no longer attracted to me. He is still in love with me. He still wants to have sex with me. A thousand worries come to mind with a discovery like this; I've asked a million questions throughout this whole ordeal, and he has been incredibly patient with me.

Yet, even with all of my questions answered, something in my heart continues to hurt. I don't know if I'm hurting for him, or me, or both of us but I feel so much hurt. I'm not quite sure if this hurting is going to go away, but I'm praying that it will.

I want to scream and cry all the time. With all this hurting, I'm confused as well.

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He can answer all my questions and I'd probably still be left with confusion and worry. I worry that every time he's late coming home that he might be off with another man. I worry that every time he say's he's horny, I don't know if it's for me or for a man. I worry that someday I will not be enough for him, just because of my anatomy.

I worry that my worries will become our whole relationship. It's not that I don't trust him, but this has turned our worlds upside down and my anxiety has been known to get the better of me. At first, I tried really hard to be the super-cool girlfriend who was totally okay with her boyfriend having sex with men once or twice. But I couldn't keep that up, because it was a lie. And just the same way he was being honest with me, I had to be honest with him in this regard. I absolutely have a problem with him having sex with anyone but me. I have a problem with him thinking of anyone else but me.

Maybe that's harsh and maybe I don't have a complete right to say that, but to me there doesn't seem like another option. When he says that he would like to be able to have sex with a man at some point, without breaking our relationship, I can physically feel my heart ache. I have lost so much sleep and shed so many tears simply because the image of anyone else, man or woman, touching the love of my life scares the living hell out of me. In the same sense, I understand it. There are certain things he may want, that I will absolutely never be able to give to him. While that pains me, I don't want to stop him from enjoying things that would make him happy.

It's a very thin line that I'm trying to find a way to navigate. Nonetheless, I don't want every single conversation we have to revolve around sexuality. I can't live like that; it's incredibly exhausting. I need my relationship to go back to where we can show each other dumb memes or spend hours cuddling carelessly.


But I suppose that will come with time, as well. This is not easy, and anything anyone says about it being easy is a flat out lie. For me to pretend that this is all okay with me is a complete lie, too. All the things you will read about this subject online are bullshit.

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I know because I've read them and I'm living it — and these are two completely different things.